Wanted: an indoor kite flier

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Wanted: an indoor kite flier

Postby Mike » Mon, Mar 08 2010, 08:25 PM

If you can help out, send me an email or PM and I'll give you Clark's contact info.

My name is Clark Shute and I am with the Hoosier Kitefliers Society, we have been asked by the Indiana Special Olympics to provide an indoor kite demo/fly as part of the opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics. The opening ceremonies are in Terre Haute, IN on June the 4th at the Hulman Center. I do not have any club members that fly indoors. Do you have anyone that might be interested?
The HKS would pay for the over night lodging and try to pick-up some of the gas and meal expenses. I contacted Jon Trennepohl of Sky Burner Kites and he thought he would be able to do it, he's having second thoughts about a 5-6 hour drive for a 5-6 minute fly, I don't blame him a bit there. I would like to find some one else I might contact in case Jon decides not to come. Please let me know if you have any members that might be interested, I'll be happy to contact them, I just need a name and a number.
The Hulman Center is where Indiana State plays their basketball games so area shouldn't be an issue. There will be between 3 to 4 thousand athletes and sponsors and I would like to be able to help this group out. Look forward to hearing from you. thanks.

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