Presentation at a high school?

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Presentation at a high school?

Postby Mike » Mon, Nov 23 2009, 06:53 PM

I got this email:

You know me. I fly quad indoors and outdoors and I'm now the chair of the education committee for the AKA.

I got a request for a High School kite workshop in Illinois near Chicago.

Know anyone who would want to do it? Someone who's good?

Glenn Davison

Kites in the Classroom
Miniature Kites
Kites Over New England
American Kitefliers Association

I asked for more details and I got this reply:

I guess the two most important things for your post is to say that they're in Northern Illinois outside of Chicago and they're looking for a workshop for High School students.


There ya go. Anyone interested? Email me and I'll give you Glenn's email.

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