AKA 2009 Convention Sponsorships

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AKA 2009 Convention Sponsorships

Postby Barbara » Mon, May 04 2009, 09:32 AM

Interested in helping to stretch the dollars to have more fun at Rochester? Think about sponsoring not just trophies, but other items. It doesn't have to be lots of money to make an impact.
Is there anyone who could donate $50-$2000 to help with the Monday night reception?
How about $150 to sponsor the volunteer pins?
Or that same $150 to purchase polaroid film for the kitemakers competition?
Or, $200 for the Kite Gallery?
Maybe $300 to rent tables and chairs for the judges' tents?
The generators that run the sound systems need gas, that will be about $150.
$100 to supply water to the judges.
All help is appreciated. No amount too small. Those donating $150 or more will have their name listed in the on-site program and announced during the awards banquet. Those who donate larger amounts will be listed in Kiting and on the AKA webiste.
If interested, either contact me or Maggie Vohs at convention@aka.kite.org
Thanks much

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