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Line messenger

Postby Chris » Sat, Dec 23 2006, 03:02 PM

I would like to make a messenger to drop stuff. I like the one Drafnik used last Friday. Do you have plans to make that one? I got a look at it, but I need a little help with materials and measurements. Thanks :mrgreen:
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Re: Line Messenger

Postby Draftnik » Sat, Dec 23 2006, 07:26 PM

This has my initial sketches of the messanger, and a thread about it. They're rough, and not complete, we made some modifications that suited the tools we were using. The plans give a starting point on where to locate the cuts. I did ditch the bolt at the back and made an inner tube that sticks out far enough to let me set the rig for take off.

The hardest part for me was cutting the pvc. Lotsa practice cuts were made before we got good enough to whack out a whole messanger. I would have liked a jig for making the cuts cleaner, but settled on a guide of sorts for the cuts. That and a helping hand from my Dad who's got lotsa power tool skills.

There's plans availible on the net for messangers too. Anthony's site has nice plans. My plans may leave something to be desired. :oops: This is my 3rd year of putzing with messangers, and I'm really happy with my design. I occasionally blow out a pvc elbow, but it's easily replaced. If you have the book Kites by Ron Moulf (?) it has losta plans for messangers in it and bear gear too. There's also plans in there for a simple wire one, that's fun too.

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Re: Line messenger

Postby Mike » Sun, Dec 24 2006, 09:57 AM

that's a nice thread over at kite builder. And those very clear plan drawings give no doubt that you are a draftnik :-)

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