How to post a link in a thread

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How to post a link in a thread

Postby goestoeleven » Sun, Jul 31 2011, 09:22 AM

Mark asked about how to post a link in a thread, so here's a thread about posting links:

To post a link you click the little globe/link icon in the toolbar. This opens the "link" window. In that window, you paste or type in your url address, and then you add the word or words you want to use for the link. For instance, here's how to create a link to the wikipedia entry on kites like this one Wikipedia kites link.

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Re: How to post a link in a thread

Postby makatakam » Sun, Jul 31 2011, 10:06 AM

Ok, yeah, sure, no problem. Do you believe you're dealing with an internet idiot? Wait a minute. Yes, I am. Duh.

If we get around to flying today, I'll bring my laptop.

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